BIG COUNTRY – ” The Essential ” 3 Cd Set

Posted: June 1, 2020 in MUSIC
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Big Country / Essential 3CD set

Universal Music will issue another great value three-CD Essential set under their budget Spectrum imprint, this time featuring Scottish rock band Big Country.

This package includes all 13 of the band’s UK top 30 singles (including ‘Look Away’, ‘One Great Thing’, ‘Chance’ and ‘Wonderland’) as well as highlighting key album cuts (including the title track of 1986’s The Seer which features vocals from one Kate Bush) and offering a smattering of remixes. A live cover of the soul classic ‘The Tracks of My Tears’ features at the end of CD 2.

This set takes us up to 1991, although the band would continue releasing albums and touring until the end of the millennium. Frontman Stuart Adamson tragically took his own life in December 2001. The amazing thing about this Scottish rock group is that none of them were born in Scotland. In fact, Bruce Watson (posessor of the group’s thickest brogue) was born in Ontario,Canada. And we still don’t know what a “Porrohman” is (Porrohman is an african witch doctor, the song in part is based on a short story which i think was called Pollock and the Porroh man, it was published in a book of short stories edited by herbert van thal in the pan horror series ) .

Funny how times change…back in the early 80s it seemed like a three horse race with Big Country, U2 and The Alarm in the frame and BC were always a great gig, too many check shirts perhaps but always a great gig! Otherwise, the Thin Lizzy set with fifty tracks for a fiver, Like the previously announced The Human League Essential package (due out on 5th June) this triple-disc Big Country offering is not really one for the diehards, although anyone with half an interest should find plenty of rewards for their £7 investment. Also in the series is a Thin Lizzy collection ( all details on Amazon)

“Essential Big Country” is released on 19th July 2020.

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