MAXWELL STERN – ” Tying Airplanes To The Ground “

Posted: May 22, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Maxwell Stern has been writing songs and touring internationally for over 15 years now, both solo and in numerous bands. He grew up in Cleveland, OH and currently resides in Philadelphia, PA. He is trying to ride his bike more. He is absolutely not the person writing this.

Maxwell Stern of Signals Midwest collaborated with some notable punks in Ratboys, Modern Baseball, Into it. Over it and more to create a John Prine inspired track called “Tying Airplanes To The Ground”. The track was written by Stern a day after Prine’s death and the collaborative process was conducted while in quarantine.


Released May 21st, 2020

Maxwell Stern (Signals Midwest, Timeshares) – guitar, vocals, composition
Adam Beck (Sincere Engineer, Into It. Over It.) – keys, drums, percussion, engineering
Ian Farmer (Slaughter Beach Dog, Modern Baseball) – bass
Evan Loritsch (Mother Evergreen) – Fender Rhodes piano
Julia Steiner (Ratboys) – vocals
Dave Sagan (Ratboys) – lap steel

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