KATIE VON SCHLEICHER – ” Consummation “

Posted: May 14, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Katie Von Schleicher was named the Best of What’s Next way back in 2017 on the tail of her album Shitty Hits’ release. It’s a sturdy indie effort, full of bouncy melodies and Von Schleicher’s emotions laid bare. “Paranoia,” a ghostly glance inside the swirling unease of an anxious mind, is the stand-out track. Since 2017, Von Schleicher has stayed busy playing in labelmate Lady Lamb’s touring band. On her next solo album effort, “Consummation”, however, she seems to have settled into her own groove even more.

These songs, while tricky to grasp at times, are much more assured. Lead single “Caged Sleep” is a blast sonically, while it taps into that same eerie underworld that “Paranoia” did back in 2017, diving deep into the vivid and frequently spooky land of dreams. “Wheel” is a lot spunkier, the kind of steady indie-rock jam you might sway along to at a festival (remember those?). The album itself has many different moods, but Von Schleicher masters them all with her keen rock sensibilities. While we had our eye on her back in 2017, Consummation could be Katie Von Schleicher’s biggest jumping-off point yet.

The album was inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s classic obsession thriller, Vertigo, as well as Rebecca Solnit’s searing critique on the film. The first single is the spiraliing, consuming “Brutality”.

Katie Von Schleicher will release her new album “Consummation” on May 22nd via Ba Da Bing, and first single “Caged Sleep” finds her more in driving indie rock mode compared to her usual, more ballad-driven sound. She’s good at this kinda thing too.

Katie Von Schleicher’s follow up to 2017’s Shitty Hits. “Consummation” is out on Full Time Hobby in May 22nd‬
‪Exclusive clear vinyl, bonus 7” with two tracks, tote bag, hand numbered edition of 300 only‬.

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