PUP — ” Morbid Stuff “

Posted: May 9, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Pop punk isn’t dead—it’s just evolving, and nothing showcases that better than the progression of Pup. Their self-titled album from 2013 started off like any other catchy, poppy band obsessed with group chants, which is precisely what we needed at the time. 2013 was a pretty desolate year for pop punk, with a Wonder Years album The Greatest Generationand The Story So Far’s What You Don’t See, but not much else resembling anything you’d want to listen to outside of a Warped Tour playlist. Pup were the answer to our post–Bomb the Music Industry!, pre-worry. years, changing the mold of what we thought the genre had disintegrated into.

From Pup “UP” to 2016’s The Dream Is Over, the band explored their anger, sadness, and general discontent with the direction their lives had gone. While those albums were heavy-hitters in their own right, they were made for a specific time in Pup’s life. Like their predecessors, Pup have done what all pop punk bands must eventually do: they grew up. On “Morbid Stuff”, you can see their age. The group chants are louder, harsher, more unapologetic, while their words are uncensored, confident, and sincere. They’ve embraced the uniqueness of their perspectives, and in turn created a piece of confessional art. Morbid Stuff came at a time when we’re all craving transparency and honesty, and told us it’s OK to feel like shit. It’s OK to say no. It’s OK to tell people when you care about them. It’s OK to be loud. Instead of simply dealing with the curveballs that life throws your way, this record presents the option of fighting back.

Toronto band, Pup have released a further video for the album’s title track that gives us a glimpse at their live show, but from the fan’s perspective. The new video for “Morbid Stuff” was recorded live and shot on cheap, hand-held cameras that were given out to 19 gig-goers that the band personally connected with in advance of their recent London dates. This video continues PUP’s longstanding tradition of putting their fans first, like when they asked fans to record their own version of “Free At Last” without ever even hearing the song and only knowing the lyrics and chords, or when Pup leaked the news of their latest album and new song “Kids,” via a zine sent to fans through their Little Dipper label imprint. The “Morbid Stuff” video, which premiered yesterday across the nineteen fans’ social media accounts, showcases the sweat-stained euphoria of the band’s show and once again captures the unique bond between Pup and the people that come to see them live, screaming every word.

Toronto rockers PUP released their great third album Morbid Stuff which found the band crafting their most cathartic collection of songs yet. With blazing guitars, blasting drums and the perfect amount of gang vocals, Morbid Stuff, as described by a friend, is nostalgic, sassy and it fucking rips!

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