SQUID – ” Sludge “

Posted: May 7, 2020 in MUSIC
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When Ollie Judge wailed “there’s a place I go where I’m all alone,” I felt that. Fortunately, Squid’s newest single is riotous enough to slap away the cabin fever, if only for five minutes. “Sludge” is our first release through Warp Records. We’ve been playing Sludge for a while so some of you might be familiar with it. It was kind of written about self-isolation before it was a government enforced lifestyle. The new video for their song “Sludge.” It comprises crowdsourced 360º footage from their fans stuck in isolation.

The band shared a statement about the process:

After looking through all the videos it was really interesting to see how spatially different everyone’s situation is but how they’re all tied together through the same feeling of isolation. Some videos were claustrophobic, others showed deserted cityscapes and some even featured other people but they all had a lingering feeling of loneliness and uncertainty.

“Sludge” is the Brighton punk band’s first single since signing to Warp. Squid released the four-song Town Centre EP last year.

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