BC CAMPLIGHT – ” Shortly After Takeoff “

Posted: April 29, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Brian Christinzio, an American songwriter, wanted to write a road song. The problem was that in 2012 he had moved to Manchester in the north-west of England, a city which did not lend itself to Springsteen-esque anthems. So he wrote “Born to Cruise” instead, a four-on-the-floor drivetime banger that opened: “I’ve had my indicator on since leaving Crewe/That explains the gestures in my rearview.” “Shortly After Takeoff”, on which the track appears, is both desperately sad and unbearably funny.

Brian Christinzio channels ’70s singer-songwriters (Nilsson, Newman) in a very postmodern way on his sad, witty, and very tuneful fifth album. The amazing one-liners are too many to count on this unique, wonderful “examination of madness and loss” that’s his best yet.

When piano playing songwriter BC Camplight (AKA Brian Christinzio) drops a new record, the world takes notice. Blending indie rock with lo fi pop sensibilities, his cult following has swollen to breakthrough into the mainstream and both fans and critics alike have been eagerly awaiting the release of his new album ‘Shortly After Takeoff’.

Hopes were raised high with previous LPs ‘How To Die In The North’ and ‘Deportation Blues’, and fortunately the third and final part of what Christinzio is calling his Manchester Trilogy, All three albums were created after the native Philadelphian had moved to Manchester England. Like Deportation Blues, Shortly After Takeoff spans singer-songwriter classicism, gnarly synth-pop and ‘50s rock’n’roll, with Christinzio’s similarly distinctive, flexible vocal carrying a fearless approach to lyrical introspection, but the new album is a major leap forward in songwriting sophistication and lyrical communication.

It certainly does not disappoint. Continuing his aliens account of a Philadelphian’s experience of living in the north west, his idiosyncratic outlook is matched by an equally unique genre defying sound that blurs the lines between synth-pop, folk, country and space rock.

Seamlessly sophisticated, it’s a clever record loaded with witty insights and packed full of ideas without ever becoming too demanding of your attention to prove a point or explore a genre. See BC Camplight when he tours ‘Shortly After Takeoff’ from September onwards.

Taken from the album ‘Shortly After Takeoff’ by BC Camplight, released 24th April 2020 via Bella Union Records.

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