MAPACHE – ” From Liberty Street “

Posted: April 28, 2020 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Formed in January 2016. Mapache is a new folk / blues / rock / bluegrass / psychadelic duo born in Los Angeles California. Mapache is interested in spreading good feelings of love as well as raw musical talent to anyone and everyone. Mapache is an experience both live and in the studio presenting a memorable and honest sound.

Produced by longtime collaborator Dan Horne (Circles Around the Sun, Allah Las), Mapache’s new album From Liberty Street promises angelic harmonies weaving somewhere between traditional folk and modern cosmic country music. These songs are inspired by everything from Mexican boleros, to Bakersfield twang, to lonesome cowboy campfire tunes.

Clay Finch and Sam Blasucci, both born and raised in Glendale, California, display their brotherly chemistry and casual Cali attitude in the country tune and video premiering today. Directed by Nicole Hawkins, the visual features the pair wandering around New Orleans, past trees laced with Spanish moss and across green fields, a small dog in a hot pink jacket trotting at their side.

“We chose to shoot the video in New Orleans because we love it there,” Blasucci shares. “Besides the spots in the video, we like to visit many other places: the Made Market uptown (RIP), the music and wine at Bacchanal, Euclid Records, the lovely fountain in Audubon park (great for a dip on a hot day), and lots of other beautiful places.”

Hawkins adds, “We shot the video in and around the greater New Orleans area. It jumps from different times of day and different places within one continuous wandering walk. I wanted the video to feel as familiar and unpretentious as Mapache, without too many distracting elements that might take away from the nuances of the song and from their personalities. The Boston Terrier, Roscoe, is a part of the family, so it only seemed right that he wear his pink sweater and wander with us. “

Clay Finch: vocals, guitar Sam Blasucci: vocals, guitar Dan Horne: bass Austin Beede: drums Dusty Ineman: percussion

“Life On Fire” is from Mapache’s album, From Liberty Street.

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