VARSITY – ” Runaway “

Posted: April 9, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Chicago indie-pop collective Varsity recently signed with Run for Cover Records in 2018, and released a doubling of singles which showcased their ability to bring forth unique conversations in song surrounding personal relationships with a wide-eyed dreamy sparkle. This May, they will release their latest full-length effort Fine Forever, and once again, the moment marks another creative transition for the quintet.

On the album’s lead single and opener “Runaway”, they step away from the clouds and move onto the dance floor with streaks of Fleetwood flickers and a groove-laden bassline. Here, vocalist and keyboardist Stef Smith sings through the flashbulb lights without pause, being drawn only to where the heart leads. “Runaway / I don’t even know your name / You’re not going anywhere tonight / Unless you’re gonna run away.” It’s hard to imagine anyone doing so when Varsity’s love energy naturally pulls you in…

Band Members
stef, Dylan, pat, jake, paul,

Varsity’s Fine Forever will be released May 29th on Run for Cover Records.

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