CABLE TIES – ” Hope “

Posted: March 12, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Cable Ties Origins Lisa Businovski Hope

Cable Ties are just weeks away from the release of their sophomore album, “Far Enough”. Arriving March 27th via Merge Records, the record came together amidst a struggle to reclaim that essential element of enduring life’s countless hardships:

“In the past, I thought I could change things,” singer Jenny McKechnie said in a press release. “I thought if I pointed out how messed up everything is, then people would see a clear path to fixing these problems. By the time I started writing this album, I had lost this hope. But it’s about the importance of getting hope back, even when you can see no logical reason to have it. Without hope, anger becomes despair or bitterness.”

If that quest to keep a level of optimistic faith is the core of the album, then new single “Hope” is its molten center. Opening with just a reverberating guitar and McKechnie’s voice, that sense of despondency seems to be the overarching feeling. But as she’s joined by her bandmates to sing, “It might be hopeless, but if I lose hope/ I’ll bring on that ending,” the song begins to take off. In come the drums, the guitar tightens, and the propellent bass kicks everything into gear. It’s an energy that reminds you hope isn’t just about resilience, but adamance.

Brand new single Hope is out in the universe today. It’s a song to hold on to in turbulent times. Speaking of which, we are gutted to announce that with the cancellation of SXSW our US tour has had to be postponed. We are all so disappointed to have to wait to play the states but we promise that we’ll be there soon. So much work, energy and anticipation has gone into this trip and we’re gonna make it happen – just not right now. UK, Europe and Australian tours are still full steam ahead so there are still riffs on the horizon. See ya out there soon x

From the album “Far Enough,” out March 27th, 2020

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