KIWI Jnr – ” Football Money “

Posted: March 9, 2020 in MUSIC
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You may not know Kiwi Jr., but you’re probably more than familiar with the sensations their music brings about. They might sound like all your favorite 1990s and 2010s indie bands, but you really can’t beat guitar-pop if they’ve got the gratifying hooks—and Kiwi Jr. deliver those goods and more. Their debut album, Football Money, is lyrically amusing and melodically euphoric—what more could you want from a band like this?

Just when you think you have heard every catchy hook laden song in pop history and believe there is nothing left in the tank in 2020 songs burn bright and all sparkly on tracks that make the hairs on the top of your ears reverberate like antennas.”.

Toronto’s Kiwi Jr. are probably sick of Pavement comparisons at this point, but it’s hard to listen to their excellent 2019 album, “Football Money”, and not think of Stephen Malkmus’ old band at least a little, given the slacker pop jams and singer/guitarist Jeremy Gaudet attitude-heavy delivery. But Kiwi Jr. bring to the proceedings their own bouncy pop style, more than a little Britpop flair, and style (and hooks) for miles and miles. Having just given Football Money a U.S. release in January.


The Band

Brohan Moore: Drums, Backing Vocals
Brian Murphy: Guitars, Backing Vocals
Jeremy Gaudet: Vocals, Guitars, Keys
Mike Walker: Bass, Backing Vocals, Keys

Aaron Goldstein: Pedal Steel
Alec O’hanley: Backing Vocals, Keys
Hunk and Junk: Backing Vocals
Peter Rankin: Keys

‘Football Money’ LP out now via Persona Non Grata

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