UV TV – ” Happy “

Posted: February 16, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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For Ian Bernacett and Rose Vastola, the masterminds behind UV-TV, 2018 was spent writing and recording the 9-track LP while simultaneously uprooting from Gainesville and migrating north to New York City, where the album was finally mixed and mastered.

HAPPY unabashedly explores the tropes of letting go of the past with a amicable catharsis that proves they can evolve their sound without losing their edge. Despite the name, the overall tone of the record comes across as a moodier interpretation of their almost jovial punk attitude—with the title track exemplifying that HAPPY is a much more personal and thoughtful album from the band. Right out of the gate, the production is cleaner and more buttoned up, perhaps signifying that this record is more serious in nature.

While Ryan Hopewell’s charged drumming kicks off the first track, “Hide”, giving us the UV-TV energy we’re familiar with from previous records, stylistic nuances quickly prove that the band has been drawing on some deeper influences, including The Pastels, Echo and the Bunnymen, and Slowdive among others.


As the arc of the album brings us to a more vulnerable place like on the track, World, it becomes obvious there’s a new kind of sincerity in their choices compared to the last two releases. By the final track, Falling Down, the entirety of the album has conceptualized the personal and musical growth of UVTV since we last heard them in 2017.

Gainesville-formed, Now Queens-based band UV-TV play classic indie-pop with a punk motor. Their 2019 LP, “Happy”, features Rose Vastola’s sweet and snarled lead vocals—offering tuneful pop pleasure in contrast with their pummeling rhythm section. There are hints of ’90s shoegaze, ’80s dream pop and modern punk, but none of these labels fully characterize their driving euphoria or moody punk-pop appeal.

The Band:

Rose Vastola – Bass, Vocals
Ian Bernacett – Guitar, Vocals
Ryan Hopewell – Drums

UV-TV “HIDE” Official Music Video from the LP “HAPPY” released on Deranged Records July 2019.

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