JEFFREY FOUCAULT – ” Ghost Repeaters “

Posted: February 3, 2020 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Jeffery’s first two offerings, especially the majestic “Stripping Cane” I am happy to say that “Ghost Repeater” is also a fine album. Following on from Stripping Cane was always going to be a challenge, but by adding a country twinge to the album whilst still including the crisp poetry and imagery of the previous two he has created an excellent, well balanced collection of songs.

When you set out to carry on a tradition as deep rooted as folk music is, you’ve got to have your story together. You’ve got to study, and have a foundation. Jeffrey Foucault has that foundation and you can hear it in his voice, and feel it in his music. He’s got an understanding that you don’t hear that often.’

Holed up in Iowa City for the coldest week of the year, Jeffrey Foucault teamed with blues guitar player and producer Bo Ramsey (Greg Brown, Lucinda Williams) to create “Ghost Repeater”, a country and blues album at the crossroads between love and lament, exploring the hopefulness of new love and the seasickness of contemporary American living. Ghost Repeaters are empty radio stations scattered around the USA to re-broadcast demographically tailored playlists, endless echoes of American market culture, from thousands of miles away. Epidemic sameness, big-box stores, and the retail news cycle of ghost prisoners and God On Our Side create the context in which the songs on Ghost Repeater unfold a story of love and uncertainty. Against the broadcast echoes of an America long gone,

Foucault lays out the particulars of love in a country contending with its own ghost. In addition to Bo Ramsey’s inimitable sound Foucault has the backing of Rick Cicalo and Steve Hayes (Greg Brown) on rhythm, along with special guest appearances by Iowa legend Dave Moore on harp and accordion, Eric Heywood (Son Volt, Richard Buckner) on pedal steel, and Kris Delmhorst on backing vocals.

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