PINEGROVE – “Phase “

Posted: January 3, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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We do humbly present a video of myself—that is, Evan—performing the song “Phase” on an acoustic guitar in the chilly front porch enclosure of our house that is, Amperland studios, aka PGHQ, aka the house featured in the Command S documentary series about the making of “Skylight”, aka a rare & strange falling apart Dutch farmhouse built in 1731. Our new album “Marigold” which was also recorded here (inside, not on the porch) is coming out January 17th

This month the New Jersey alt-country outfit Pinegrove will share new album “Marigold”, the group’s debut on their new label, Rough Trade Records, and the announcement arrived with a single and video for one of its tracks, “Phase.” “Phase” feels like a return to the Pinegrove’ former sound on their acclaimed record, Cardinal.

In it, there’s a driving drum beat and palm-muted guitar setting the stage for frontman Evan Stephens Hall’s ardent yelps. The restrained verse builds to a chorus where everything comes to a crescendo at Hall’s cry of “I’m torn right through / Divided right in two.” There’s some fantastic slide guitar fills within, giving the track Pinegrove’s signature almost-country feeling. Pinegrove took a year-long hiatus after Hall issued a statement in response to an allegation of “sexual coercion” made against him in 2017. Since then, their self-release of Skylight in 2018 and new record deal with Rough Trade have shown the group attempting to put those events behind them. Thanks as always for listening!, Evan.

Pinegrove’s new album ‘Marigold’, coming January 17, 2020 on Rough Trade Records.

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