GUERILLA TOSS – ” What Would The Odd Do? “

Posted: December 15, 2019 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Two years ago, Guerilla Toss leader Kassie Carlson underwent open-heart surgery to remove a blood clot that had formed as a result of opiate addiction. “What Would The Odd Do?” is where Carlson and the rest of the band confront that near-brush with death. It’s one of the most concise and overpowering examples of the chaotically beautiful psych-dance sound that Guerilla Toss have been perfecting over the last few years, expertly constructed songs about the struggle to get clean and the wonder of seeing every day life through sober eyes.


Guerilla Toss returns to NNA Tapes with a brand new EP, ‘What Would The Odd Do?’, an exploration into new territories and an expansion on their recipe for twisted, addictive rock & roll mania: fried funk, damaged dance, and cosmic cacophony. Fans of 70’s prog and rock greats like King Crimson and Todd Rundgren as well as modern torchbearers like Sheer Mag and Deerhoof will be joyfully united by GT’s uniquely familiar world of wonder and excitement.

For Kassie Carlson — singer, songwriter, and bandleader of Guerilla Toss — What Would The Odd Do? is unarguably the group’s most personal release in their impressive history as a music-making collective. Carlson has found a new joy in life. She has since cleaned up for good, moved to Upstate New York with her partner and Guerilla Toss drummer, Peter Negroponte, and has never felt more inspired.

Kassie Carlson is a true poet of punk, the voice of an unheard generation, the leader of The Odd. Few people have been through what she has, and making it out alive is just the beginning. With her band of musical misfits, Guerilla Toss is an unstoppable force of nature.

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