BASIC PLUMBING – ” Constant Attention “

Posted: November 8, 2019 in MUSIC
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Back in 2016,  Patrick Doyle, was best known as a member of Veronica Falls, he moved to Los Angeles to work on the follow-up to the debut album from his well-received new project, Boys Forever. The result was a new album, Keeping Up Appearance, under a new band name, Basic Plumbing. Tragically, shortly after sharing the record’s first single, As You Disappear, Patrick passed away. Keen to realise Patrick’s plans for the records, both his family and bass-playing collaborator, Helen Skinner, have worked together to bring the record into the world, with all profits going to charities chosen by Patrick’s family – LA’s LGBT Centre and CALM.


The record will arrive in January next year, and ahead of its release this week a new Basic Plumbing single, “Constant Attention”, has been shared. The track is a fine reminder of Patrick’s ability to write a charming lo-fi pop track, as easy half-spoken vocals, in the mold of The Goon Sax, chime atop propulsive guitar riffs and the primal charms of the rhythm section. Patrick’s aim on this record was to capture the punchiness of the band’s live performance, which Patrick was apparently delighted to have compared to, “a gay indie Nirvana”, on the evidence of Constant Attention it’s captured that spirit perfectly; a fitting farewell to a one of a kind songwriter.

Keeping Up Appearances is out January 24th.

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