WEEPING ICON – ” Weeping Icon “

Posted: October 18, 2019 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Weeping Icon deliver feverish and gloomy warnings about the state of society. Their messages are buried under acidic scrawl and booms of noise and smears of black, but they still comes through clearly enough. The songs on their debut album are about how we engage with the world through the lens of our screens and how disengaged that makes us with the actual world around us. The trio aren’t heavy-handed, though; instead, they’re tightly-controlled and cutthroat. They make you think twice about picking up the phone.

Listening to Weeping Icon’s debut album is to enter a dim catacomb of psychical catharsis. Urgent yet calculated riffs rip through a thunderous pummel of percussion, an anomalous blend of punk and psychedelic drumming carries the songs with an atmosphere of organized chaos.. Lyrically they are both serious and sarcastic, trading off vocalists to confront issues central to a generation, dosing listeners with a controlled sense of horror and humor like flavors in a dish.The band’s debut record “Weeping Icon” is a collection of 7 songs that archive the metamorphosis into heavier and more provocative territories. In keeping with their live performance, a sequence of dystopian sound interludes complete the album, serving as guided meditations between the candid subversive fury of the main tracks. Recorded and mixed by Uniform’s Ben Greenberg and mastered by Jonathan Schenke in New York City.

From Weeping Icon’s debut self titled album out in September on Fire Talk Records.

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