SLOTFACE – ” Sink or Swim “

Posted: September 29, 2019 in MUSIC
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Norwegian indie punks Sløtface have shared a song about their own pollution worries in new single ‘Sink or Swim’. Frontperson Haley Shea explains:

“[‘Sink or Swim‘ is] about the desperation that comes when I think about climate change. It’s supposed to be an honest description of how I’m definitely not doing enough to stop it, and how it feels so massive and difficult, but at the same time it in part comes down to lots of small and every-day choices.”

It’s surely a creeping worry in the backs of the minds of all conscientious people in the world, and Sløtface brilliantly capture the overwhelming feeling you get when you let those thoughts free to run rampant in your mind. Shea worries about plastic filling up oceans, it being “too warm for October”, and her grandchildren dying – and her delivery comes with earnest discomfort, as if she’s sick with the thoughts. The usually effervescent band hold back their boisterousness to add gravitas to these notions, but their sparking electricity is still sending mini musical shockwaves beneath, adding a pointedness to the fury and desperation. They maintain this crackling balance right up until the end when the floodgates truly open with the cathartic statement: “it’s not politics, it’s sink or swim.”

Appropriately, a video for ‘Sink or Swim’ highlighting these issues, Please support your local and global environmental initiatives & charities

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