SHANNON LAY – ” August ” Albums Of 2019

Posted: August 24, 2019 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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The album’s name, August, refers to the month in 2017 when Lay quit her day job and fully gave herself over to music. This was her liberation as an artist, and the album is devoted to paying that forward to her listeners. Lay may be the most chilled-out artist you’ll ever meet. Despite fronting her tranquil solo act and being a guitarist / singer in the indie-rock band Feels, she never pressures herself to overachieve. In keeping with the humbled, contemplative nature of August, most tracks clock-in at three minutes or less. She saved indulgence for the production. She recorded the album with her longtime friend, musician Ty Segall at his home studio on the East Side. Also in the mix is Mikal Cronin, who played saxophone on the album’s opener, Death Up Close.

Shannon Lay’s Sub Pop debut, “August”, will be out August 23rd and she’s just shared the lovely, lightly psychedelic and string-laden title track. “I believe whoever you record with tends to affect the mood of music and Ty Segall really brought this jovial sense that I hadn’t really explored yet.” “Once you get rolling with him, he just throws these ideas at the wall. And you’re like, ‘I would never have thought of that!’ I couldn’t have hoped for a better guide and energy to help create this record.”

This record means a lot to me and I have to give a huge thank you to everyone who made it possible. I hope all who hear it will be inspired to give even more of their lives to what they love. Be kind to yourself and enjoy this mystical journey we are on, It is all a dream and it is yours for the taking.

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