ANDREW COMBS – ” Ideal Man “

Posted: July 6, 2019 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Andrew Combs’ sophomore album, All These Dreams, marks a huge step forward for the Nashville singer-songwriter. Using his gifts for lyricism and wry observation, Combs weaves tales of love, sin and redemption, in a style that brings together classic country and contemporary pop.

Ideal Man was produced by Sam Cohen (Kevin Morby, Benjamin Booker) and follows Combs’ critically acclaimed 5 Covers & A Song EP, which featured his interpretations of songs by The Strokes, Radiohead, Blake Mills, Lucinda Williams, and Loudon Wainwright III.

The album sees Combs pushing the boundaries of his music as he sets aside his acoustic aside in favour of atmospheric synthesizers and distorted electric guitars. Ideal Man was captured live in Cohen’s Brooklyn studio and also features Combs’ longtime collaborators, drummer Dom Billet and guitarist/keyboardist/bassist Jerry Bernhardt.

“One of the things I really admired about Sam is that he wants to capture a moment,” says Combs.

“In the past, I’ve tended to pursue a studio sound that was really polished and clean, but I wanted to do something different this time, and I knew that working with Sam would lead to more of a loose, psychedelic, spaced-out vibe. We did everything live in the studio, even my vocals, and there’s a sense of immediacy and discovery in those early takes that you can’t recreate.”

The first track to be lifted from the album is Stars of Longing, Combs wrote the albums song with some of his favourite writers including Joe Henry, Dylan LeBlanc, Jeff Trott and Kenny Childers.

“It really changed the way that I write songs,” he reflects. “When I paint, I might start with a very abstract idea or maybe even just a feeling, but from there I’ll paint and scrape and paint and erase and keep on painting until something starts to take shape. I just let nature play out.”


releases September 20th, 2019

Andrew Combs – vocals, keys, guitar
Sam Cohen – keys, guitar, bass, bgvs
Dominic Billett – drums, bgvs
Jerry Bernhardt – keys, guitar, bass, bgvs

Andrew Combs will release new album Ideal Man on 20th September 2019 via New West Records.

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