JOSIENNE CLARKE – ” Things I Didn’t Need “

Posted: June 1, 2019 in MUSIC
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It’s very rare that you’ll ever get such an established, talented and all-round beautiful songwriter releasing their debut solo single at such a stage. Josienne Clarke’s collaborations have elevated her to a certain level but she now steps out on her own and to be perfectly candid, she’s shining brighter than ever.

On ‘Things I Didn’t Need’ Josienne Clarke is so hauntingly angelic that you feel as though you’re sucked into her world, feeling what she feels. As though you’re some sort of impersonating body snatcher, it’s so wonderfully poetic and yet heartbreaking at the same time. The acoustic guitar takes a backseat in the track in place for Josienne’s wonderful voice to pull the song through and it ultimately elevates it to easily become one of the folk songs of the year. The release features new song “Things I Didn’t Need” – with barely more than voice and the Twin Peaks-like echoes of her guitar, the focus is centred on the song. Plus two new b-sides that further Clarke’s embracing of a less-is-more approach to her music and a resolve to sing it as she sees it.

B Side ‘Season And Time’ is just as beautiful, creating a world that is represented as being so beautiful but she’s just running out of “notes” to describe her feelings for her love and it’s so beautifully told it’s almost self-insulting for her to refer to music as “singing is just talking to a tune” and ultimately that is how personal these songs feel to the listener, as if Josienne is speaking directly to them, telling her own personal tale in, sometimes, a hauntingly dark way. It’s truly wonderful.

Track listing

A- Things I Didn’t Need, B1- Season And Time, B2- Never Lie

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