ELTON JOHN – ” Live From Moscow ” Record Store Day 2019

Posted: March 25, 2019 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Elton John - Live From Moscow

2019 marks forty years since Elton John became the first Western rocker to tour Russia.  To commemorate the anniversary, Mercury/UMC will release a 2-LP set of the May 28th show with Ray Cooper that was originally broadcast by the BBC.  This collection is sourced from the original broadcast masters and was remastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway and cut at Abbey Road.  The records will be pressed on 180-gram, “ultra-clear” vinyl.

Elton John was one of the first major western artists to perform in the USSR during the cold war. This excellent register comes from a BBC Broadcast and shows off Elton John with Ray Cooper on the percussion performing a anthalogical concert for the sovietics!.

Elton John‘s legendary 1979 Russian two-man tour with percussionist Ray Cooper will finally be commemorated for 2019’s Record Store Day. Best Classic Bands reported the two-record vinyl set, Live From Moscow, will feature the long-bootlegged concert from May 28th, 1979 held at Russia’s Rossya Hotel Concert Hall, which was broadcast at the time on BBC radio.

Elton John told us that because of the size and scope of his catalogue, he can change a show around almost at the drop of a dime: [“Songs come and go — having a big repertoire means that you could dump songs. I’ve got enough numbers to be happy with all of it, hopefully. If there are any numbers that you don’t like playing, you can soon substitute them, and then put in something that works better.”]

Singer/Musician: Elton John
Percussion: Ray Cooper

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