MAYBELLEEN – ” Emily “

Posted: March 22, 2019 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Somewhere in Toronto, Canada resides a psych-tinged pop/rock duo called Maybelleen which aim to meticulously craft music that, according to them, stems from a possible encounter with “a mythical spirit they’ve bumped into, somewhere between our world and another dimension.” Madness? Yes! But it’s a rad and necessary madness. Consisting of brothers Peter Camiré and Charles Camiré, Maybelleen is following up their May 2018 EP, Neon Lights & Magic Moments, with the brand new single “Emily”, for which we happen to be debuting the music video today. Huzzah!

“Emily”, much like the majority of their output, was inspired by all things ‘80s new wave but also includes a modern rock edge. Originally from Montreal, the relocated lads are always out gigging and plan on dropping The Paris Tapes, their third EP, this spring. Speaking of the new track, the boys boasted:

“The way we work in the band is, one of us will arrive with a song idea and we’ll build something around it. In the case of ‘Emily’, it was more of a melancholic melody, and lyrically, we wanted to respect this specific atmosphere. We like to think that there’s something bigger than us out there contributing to the song haha, especially when we talk about music. We also feel like it’s a tribute to our teenage years spent in Montreal, when time wasn’t even a thing.”

Music video by Maybelleen performing Emily


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