GIA MARGARET – ” There’s Always Glimmer “

Posted: March 19, 2019 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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This  is a Woozy, lovelorn, plaintive, playful, tender, a list of all things. It could be any of them. It could be all of them. All and so much more. Love is never normal but it’s all I wanted us to be. Normal people, together and apart, finding comfort in the small things: a candle on a birthday, the click of the latch on the door when you return with the groceries. Plaintive components of a spellbinding journey, small cogs across the breadth of a relationship, from learning to love, to watching it all fall apart.

Recommended on a whim, I recommend this album with an utmost certainty that this is music for all ears and listens, among my most anticipated albums of 2018 when it was finally released . “There’s Always Glimmer” by Gia Margaret . And I can already say it’s gonna be one of those few albums that will leave quite an inspiring mark . I just love the sound and mood, subtle use of electronic parts, the overall warmth. Just beautiful.

On the surface, Gia Margaret’s music is somber, glistening songs might seem gloomy — especially when her lyrics revolve around alienation, anxiety, depression and memories she wishes would fade already. But as its title suggests, There’s Always Glimmer is about letting slivers of appreciation and light pierce the melancholy. “Birthday” is downright intoxicating, as Gia Margaret’s drowsy voice nestles comfortably against tender guitar lines.

All songs written, performed and produced by Gia Margaret 


Recorded and mixed by Nicholas Papaleo and Gia Margaret at Inside Voice, in Gia’s bedroom and at Decade Studios Smoke and West recorded and mixed by Doug Saltzman

Additional musicians:
Brendan Losch — additional guitar + backing vocals (2)
John Morton — backing vocals (2), drums (2, 3)
Scott Jacobson — additional guitar (10)
Ivan Pyzow — trumpet (3)
Quinn Tsan — additional vocals (7)
Bob Buckstaff — bass (2, 5)
Nicholas Papaleo — bass (6, 10), additional keys (2, 5, 10)
Molly Rife — cello (4)
Doug Saltzman — drum production (4, 12)
Chris Dye — drum production (10)

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