AMANDA PALMER – ” There Will Be No Intermission “

Posted: March 9, 2019 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Amanda Palmer Voicemail for Jill Cover Picture

“There Will Be No Intermission” is out Friday, March 8th Amanda Palmer’s third solo effort and first in more than six years, is the multi-faceted artist’s most powerful and personal collection to date, with songs that tackle the big questions: life, death, grief and how we make sense with it all. While the themes may be dark, the album’s overall sonic and lyrical mood is one of triumph in the face of life’s most ineffably shitty circumstances. Beginning with the epic Bill-Hicks-inspired “The Ride”, it sees Palmer revealing her heart in total, turning the coals of fraught experience into musical diamonds. Themes of death and reproduction recur throughout, including “A Mother’s Confession”, a funny, honest, slice-of-life ramble detailing Palmer’s failings as a new mother, and “Machete” written in tribute to her best friend, Anthony following his untimely passing from cancer. “Voicemail For Jill” chronicles a different sort of death as Palmer reaches out to a friend on her way to an abortion clinic. Lead single “Drowning In The Sound” explores hidden connections between political unrest, the impending uncertainty of Hurricane Harvey, climate change, the solar eclipse, internet-hate and, bizarrely, Taylor Swift. One of the more lavishly produced songs on the album, the song combines Palmer’s singular style of piano-taming with a restrained chorus that pays sonic homage to two diverse but connected mentors: Prince and Ani DiFranco.

This album is the most personal and painfully vulnerable thing she has ever made, containing 10 of the most honest, funny, sad, dark songs. THE ALBUM, THE ARTBOOK and tickets for THE TOUR . the beautiful images you’re seeing (which are included in the artbook and are available as prints and select merchandise) were all captured by kahn & selesnick.

Amanda says, I know I say it a lot, but it bears repeating: this album would not have happened without the emotional and financial support of my 14,000 patrons. in so many ways, it just would not have been possible. if you are one of my patrons and reading this, i hope you are as proud today as I am. we did it.

The reviews and critics are weighing in….and the accolades mean a lot, but they don’t mean fuck all compared to what this music means to me and my community, and what it has meant over the past years as i’ve played these piano and ukulele in people’s houses, and in small clubs, and in living rooms, and in theaters for the people I really care about: you. you you you. fuck the critics. you’re my critics, and I listen. sometimes you make the art, and sometimes the art makes you. this record and tour feels more like the latter.


Listen. these songs are the most vulnerable and personal I’ve ever recorded, and they all provided some kind of relief from each life-situation I was facing over the last seven years since I out our my last album (theatre is evil), it was just non-stop, the gamut of human emotion and highs and lows. everything feels inseparable now: my crowdfunding through patreon, the birth of our son, the election of trump, my TED talk, two abortions, the kavanuagh hearing, the death of my best friend, writing a book, being in Ireland for the repeal, the miscarriage i had alone on a christmas day.

i sat in a theater in london and watched hannah gadsby decimate the blurted lines between entertainment and naked truth, i saw the brave women of #metoo standing up against their rapists, and I saw nick cave in concert and on record working through his grief using art as a necessary and generous tourniquet that others could re-use. they all reminded me to try harder and harder still to tell the real, unadorned truth. I love you all so much.

Thank you for coming on this ride with me.

watch this, and you will understand everything. I made this video in our living room (w/ two of my closest friends, Michael Pope & Coco Karol to announce my forthcoming solo album,

Amanda Palmer, performer, writer, giver, taker, listener, love-lover, rule-hater and co-founder of the Brechtian punk cabaret duo, The Dresden Dolls.


jherek bischoff – double bass, guitar, vibraphone, prepared piano, backing vocals
john congleton – drums, synths, sequencing
max henry – synths
amanda palmer – piano, ukulele, organ, synths, vocals
joey waronker – drums
jason webley – accordion

There Will Be No Intermission is a triumphant return of an uncompromising artist. It is singularly the best piece of work that Palmer has produced in her career.” –

Released March 8th, 2019

Amanda Palmer Voicemail for Jill Cover Picture

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