LABRADOR – ” Tell Me About Your Dad ” EP

Posted: March 7, 2019 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Hannah Switzer’s band Labrador describes its songs as “wry and melancholy meditations on all the ways the Patriarchy creeps into relationships and ruins everything.” The group’s debut EP, Tell Me About Your Dad, pairs those meditations with brightly rendered, strangely moody, slightly countrified arrangements that meet somewhere between Neil Young and the stormier reflections of Big Thief. Switzer herself looms largest over the proceedings with a rangy and evocative voice that can haunt, lament and sneer, sometimes all at once.


Hypnotic vocal melodies, intricate undercurrents of drums and bass, and the unusual touch of finger-picking tenor guitar.
Labrador The Band
Vocals, Tenor Guitar – Hannah “Sundance Lass” Switzer 
Drums – Lawrence “Casio Kid” Gann 
Bass – Kent “2 Moist” Genis 
Guitar Solo on “Dumb” – Grant Kempski 
All songs by Hannah Switzer
released November 16th, 2018.

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