FRANKIE and the WITCH FINGERS – ” Realization “

Posted: February 1, 2019 in MUSIC
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Still high off the cosmic chemtrails from their instabuy 7″ Pleasure, psych garagemen Frankie and the Witch Fingers are teaming up again with NYC label Greenway Records for a brand spankin’ new full-length album titled ZAM, their fifth LP in their quickly expanding catalog.  The boys are venturing even further from the garage roots on this one, exploring everything from krautrock to funk, but still maintaining their exquisitely disorienting flavor of psychedelia.

ZAM is out March 1st on Greenway Records and the lead single just premiered “Realization” has “an unavoidable hypnotism in its funky guitar interludes, and after its rhythm-driven sonics and meddlesome lead vocals have left the station, there’s no chance of halting or derailing the psychedelic steam train.”

Don’t miss Sztuka Naiwna’s video for “Pleasure”  and catch the band on tour 

ZAM is available on red and black splatter vinyl colorway limited to a mere 200 copies

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