WILLIAM TYLER – ” Man in a Hurry “

Posted: January 24, 2019 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Goes West

A vividly painted instrumental album, there is a beauty and tranquility that surrounds ‘goes west’, a sense of magic in the way that it captures both the heart, and the imagination, in equal amounts – close your eyes and you are transported immediately deep into rural america for a gripping, captivating musical journey full of personality, reminiscent of gustavo santaolallo’s gorgeous ‘brokeback mountain’ score.

The music of William Tyler, the south is not apart from america; the south is america condensed. ‘goes west’ marks a narrowing of focus, a way to point himself directly towards the rich and bittersweet emotional centre of his music without being distracted by side trips. surprisingly for one of Nashville’s finest electric guitarists, he only plays acoustic guitar throughout, allowing his band the space and freedom with which to explore new worlds of sound and movement. “melodies that convey messages on emotive and spiritual levels.” – popmatters, “invigoratingly sunny” – mojo, “constantly twisting and turning…rewards repeat listens”

From the album Goes West, out January 25, 2019 on Merge Records.


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