WORLD’s GREATEST DAD – ” Get Well Soon “

Posted: January 6, 2019 in MUSIC
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At a certain point, when talking about the modern “Emo Revival,” we should probably just drop the “Revival” part and call it what it is: a full-fledged, thriving movement. Some of the scene’s most defining and forward-thinking music has come out in the last couple years. And many emo records released in this past year have not only helped expand and evolve genre, but were among the best albums released in 2018. And no album from that bunch stood out more than the heart-wrenching “Get Well Soon” from Atlanta band World’s Greatest Dad. Anchored by the powerful presence of singer-guitarist Maddie Duncan, the band’s debut LP is a bulletproof set of emo and indie rock tracks, with endless catchy hooks and empathetic themes flowing throughout. On searing single “Laughing (While You’re Smiling),” Duncan’s expressive vocal delivery yields mass-singalong energy as she parses the emotional complexities of a relationship: “I’m trying to learn the difference between love and codependence,” she admits, before realizing “I need to start being honest with myself for me to start…” a line sure to hit those of us in therapy right where it hurts.


Nonetheless, this album nails every emotional beat, capturing moments of guarded optimism (soaring opener “New Recording 3”), poignant sadness (thoughtful ballad “Fireworks”) and numbing frustration (rollicking pop-punk jam “Healthy Living”). Furthermore, motifs of self-loathing, addiction and recovery fill out the rest of this ultimately heartwarming album. On Get Well Soon, World’s Greatest Dad deliver the year’s most honest and painfully relatable self-care pick-me-up.

Released May 11th, 2018

all songs written by Worlds Greatest Dad and perfected
by Ben Etter


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