FISHING IN JAPAN – ” Salleri “

Posted: December 28, 2018 in MUSIC
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Fishing In Japan have only been creating music together for the better part of 2018. The band uploaded their demo “Constantinople” on SoundCloud and have already garnered over 10k spins. They also recently played at a rally for Beto O’Rourke in Dallas before the election back in November. The amazing part about this band is that most of the members are still in high school.

Fishing In Japan’s sound is melodic indie-pop that is quite addicting. So far they’ve only release one EP, All This Timeand a handful of singles. “Here For You” is an uplifting track that offers support for anyone that might be struggling. Their most recent single “Salieri” takes it down a notch with a bit more of a serious tone. Even though some of their lyrical content ranges from lighthearted to a bit more of a serious tone, their overall sound does elicit a feel good vibe. It will be interesting to see what the talented quartet will come up with in 2019.



Fishing in Japan are Wolfgang Hunter (vocals/guitar), Landon Headstrom (guitar/synth), Matthew Luna (drums), and Dante Zatto (bass).


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