Posted: November 18, 2018 in MUSIC
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Hailing from Toronto, Deanna Petcoff was inspired to pick-up a guitar by the likes of David Bowie and Patti Smith, and then learnt what to do with it when she attended Girl’s Rock Camp Toronto, back in 2011. Inspired to form a band, Deanna spent most of her High School years performing and writing with Pins And Needles, and following their demise is heading off on a highly promising solo career.

Back in March she shared her excellent debut single, Terribly True, and this week Deanna has followed that track up with a new single, Stress. The track is a dissection of a fading relationship, and the complex array of emotions that comes with that, as Deanna explains, “way too often, I find that feeling is described by leaning heavily on the sadness that it comes with, ignoring all of the anger in it, as well. I wanted to show the range of emotions women feel with the loss of love that aren’t just the sadness of heartbreak”. Musically, the track is a blast of guitar chords, tumbling flourishes of piano and Deanna’s dextrous vocal performance; one moment wistfully asking, “I could walk around your town for weeks, but I feel like you’d never even notice me”, the next raging into the pronouncement, “honey I don’t know how I’m not sick of you”. Deanna works on the premise of, “happy songs about sad things”, with her eye for an emotional detail and way with a perfect melody, the sad songs couldn’t hope to sound any better.

Stress is out now.


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