The PRETENDERS – ” Brass In Pocket “

Posted: November 15, 2018 in MUSIC
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Image result for The PRETENDERS - " Brass In Pocket " sleeve

On November 12th, 1979 , The Pretenders released the single “Brass In Pocket”, BRASS IN POCKET stomped like a troupe of clog-dancers having a tantrum. Chrissie Hynde licked each word until it squealed — the way she berated the object of her lust, wailing that she’s “Special. So special”.

The term ‘sassy’ was invented for the Pretenders’ numbers like ‘Brass In Pocket’, Chrissie’s voice scraping like scuffed boots on the sidewalk of experience. It was one of those rare records that is both classic pop song and something that catches the imagination of the nation and won’t stay away.

Threatening with what she was going to use, ‘Brass In Pocket’ was a great way to remember winter 1979; Hynde’s studiously delivered warning, a probing beat underneath, an incongruous west coast laze with a dash of command.

The video here is rare archive footage of The Pretenders rehearsing ‘Brass In Pocket’ from 1979.

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