PIP HALL – ” The Perfect Life “

Posted: November 6, 2018 in MUSIC
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On ‘The Perfect Life’, the stunning final single taken from this record, we find the Preston-native lamenting to a life of “allowing yourself to be controlled by the people around you and thinking they’re so much higher up than you” and the challenge of breaking free from that cycle. A beautifully crafted piece of dark-pop it lushly pairs lofi, chunky guitars with Hall’s soaring vocal.

With the record written, recorded and produced by Pip this is the deeply personal sound of an artist navigating the impending doom of adulthood with gloriously universal wit, charm and beauty.

“6ft 2 and I’m walking with you I’ll catch my breath when you tell me to
And all my efforts and all my time were wasted on you with the perfect life

And I’ll tell you now what I told you then, I’m alright on the sub bench
take a look in my eyes and what do you see, your world is too much for me

6ft 2 and I’m talking to you I’ll hold my breath till you want me to
‘cause all my blessings and all my crimes will be wasted on you with the perfect life

Now I’m breaking from the cycle ‘cause I’ll make it all on my own
I won’t break my pride and I won’t waste your time anymore.”

Released June 11th, 2018

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