RICK RUDE – ” Slow Cooker “

Posted: October 30, 2018 in MUSIC
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Last year New Hampshire’s Rick Rude released their debut album, Make Mine Tuesday, a record that remained one of our favorites of the year from January to December. Set to follow it up next month with Verb For Dreamingthe quartet sound as vibrant as ever, with each of their three songwriters offering a distinctive yet cohesive approach to fuzzy punk and shout-a-long indie rock. It’s the sound of a band making music as a release, their collective spirits radiant in every song. Lead single “Slow Cooker” is led by bassist/vocalist Jordan Holtz, a quick fire anthem that wrestles with finding time and inspiration to create after the monotony of the everyday 9-5 life. Wish a wash of creeping distortion, Holtz’s bass line forms the melodic shape, her powerful voice bellowing over the combustible guitars and careening rhythmic churn.


The Band

Ben Troy: guitar and vocals
Noah Lefebvre: guitar, vocals and clarinet
Jordan Holtz: bass and vocals
Ryan Harrison: drums

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