MADELINE KENNEY – ” Perfect Shapes “

Posted: October 6, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Last year, this neurobiology-trained folk-gazer released her stunning debut “Night Night At the First Landing”, which showcased her penchant for flipping the pop script. Her second album, which she recorded with Wye Oak’s sonic scientist Jenn Wasner, is full of strong writing and headphone-worthy details; the skip-stepping central riff of “Cut Me Off” is tethered to earth by resolute drums and a crosswalk signal’s barked “Wait!”; “The Flavor of the Fruit Tree” pairs the wow and flutter of an analog synth with hovering-in-midair harmonies and julienned vocal samples; and the simmering “Your Art” recalls Built to Spill at its most inviting, then blasts off into space on its coda, on which shooting-star guitars and a gently blown trumpet trade lullaby verses until they’re both safely ensconced in dreamland. Wriggling against expectations and bursting with ideas, Perfect Shapes is restless and smart, taking often-surprising, always-pleasing paths to pure pop bliss.

“Perfect Shapes” is the fourth single taken from Madeline Kenney’s forthcoming album, “Perfect Shapes,” out October 5th.

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