ILL – ” We Are ILL “

Posted: September 21, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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“Liberation through disobedient noise” (Loud and Quiet Magazine)
“A simple FUCK THAT, in the noisiest, most disobedient, most defiant way possible.” (The Quietus)
“A wickedly funny/deadly serious explosion of Day-Glo cartoon punk energy, fierce feminism, troglodyte garage stomp and mutant surfabilly electronics. It’s hard to pick highlights on an album which is all highlights.”
(NARC. magazine)
“We Are Ill is psychedelic, surreal, weird, funny and poignant. And with it, Ill have created a fearless debut that’s utterly unique.”
(Drowned In Sound)
“It’s an epiphany.” (Soundblab Alternative Music)

“This album is like a hunt. It’s stalking sound with speed, picking off our prejudices, taking chunks out of the patriarchy and throwing it forward as wonky pop with a raw, resonant edge. Music which makes a point, and makes it in the sharpest, most stunning sense. It brings in rawness, roughed-up riffs, even bits of metal (in the musical and material sense) along with soaring, stricken harmonies. ILL’s debut album ‘We Are ILL’ isn’t just expression, it’s an angry articulation – and in that, a  more


Released May 11th, 2018
Harri Shanahan vocals and keys
Sadie Noble vocals, guitar, percussion, tapes
Whitney Bluzma vocals, bass, percussion
Fiona Ledgard drums
Tamsin Middleton vocalsLyrics and music – Harri Shanahan, Sadie Noble, Whitney Bluzma, Fiona Ledgard, Rosanne Robertson 

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