SAINT AGNES – ” Diablo, Take Me Home “

Posted: September 13, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Our new video for Diablo, Take Me Home can be seen here. Taken from The Death or Glory Gang EP .

“He’s a wild one…” this is what we’d heard about Steve Glashier, the director we were waiting to meet at the location we’d scouted. Within 5 minutes this was proved right as we dodged security, climbed barbed wire and threw instruments over fences to get into a better looking location he had found nearby. The image of our manager giving Steve a bunk over the wall was perfect; I thought “this is our gang, our kind of people.”

The new location was a god-forsaken wasteland in Silvertown, East London, on the hottest day of the year with no water and no way to get out without ruining the shoot. Our vision of a desert with our beloved London skyline as a back drop came true with mild hallucinations and the feeling a rattlesnake could bite you at any second. The perfect setting and the perfect director to bring Diablo to life.

If you like it please share it far and wide.


  • Death Rides a Black Horse
  • The Death or Glory Gang
  • Move Like a Ghost
  • Diablo, Take Me Home
  • I Feel Dangerous Around You

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