GLASS MOUNTAIN – ” I Have To Lie “

Posted: September 10, 2018 in MUSIC
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Glass Mountain release a raw and vulnerable music video for ther song ‘Have To Lie’ , Since their uncompromising 7 minute debut release ‘Glacial’, This Bradford based quartet have built their growing reputation on beautifully crafted, often sorrowful music.

Named after a David Hockney artwork, Glass Mountain released ‘Gin Flows Through My Veins’ in November 2017, followed by their Wow & Flutter EP earlier this year through Hide & Seek Records. From this EP comes ‘Have To Lie’. The EP’s closing track is musically stripped bare with the exposed and vulnerable lead vocal taking centre stage until orchestral drums, cellos and theremins take us to a huge dynamic moment of sorrow and desperation. The song deals with how we often tend to pretend we’re okay even when we’re most certainly not.

‘Wow & Flutter’ is available on all formats including either a Red or Pink 12″ vinyl, the vinyl comes complete with a CD edition and an art print – Limited stock is available direct from the bands Store, in addition the band have put together a Deluxe edition; just 100 copies that comes complete with an exclusive Glass Mountain 50ml bottle, Black foil sealed envelope containing juniper berries, pink peppercorns (helps you make the perfect G&T), Instructions / recipe of how to make the band’s favourite gin and tonic, plus a copy of GHOSTS issue 2 (Glass Mountain’s own zine, 26 pages), a unique handwritten lyric sheet (lovingly handwritten on A4 art paper) – the entire collection comes in 14″ presentation box with printed Glass Mountain logo.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, singer / lyricist Harry Hanson told us, “It’s easy to think that you can just push bad thoughts to the back of your head, bottling them up. I am really bad for it as are many other people. Inevitably the bad thoughts will all come back and hit like a wave. It’s better to just get the thoughts out, speak to friends, anyone that will listen. You’re not a burden to anyone if you want to tell them what’s going on in your head. I’ve only recently learnt that”.

Their video was shot on Super 8 cine film by London filmmaker Adrian Cousins; this wise choice of format perfectly complimenting the emmotional fragility of the track.

From the ‘Wow & flutter’ EP – available now on 12″ clear red vinyl

Glass Mountain I Have To Lie – out now on Hide & Seek Records, Written, recorded and produced by Glass Mountain in The Cellar Of Dreams, Bradford UK.


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