SAY HI – ” Caterpillar Centipede “

Posted: September 2, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Say Hi is Eric Elbogen. It used to be called Say Hi To Your Mom. Like a good neighbor, A new Say Hi LP! Can you believe it?! Caterpillar Centipede is record number twelve, with ten rock gems that will worm their way into your heart in whatever way possible (hence the title). LPs, CDs and a brand new t-shirt are available in addition to the digital version . Until this week we hadn’t though about Say Hi for probably the best part of a decade. Then, as they do an email landed in our inbox, declaring a new album on the way, a new single to listen to and we were instantly propelled backwards, to a box room in a Leeds flat, and it was every bit as exciting as we remember it.


The track, Green With Envy, is the latest single to be lifted from Say Hi’s upcoming album, Caterpillar Centipede, which is out next week. With it’s Teenage Dreams like guitar riff, glitchy electronic pulse and emotive vocal, it’s just a fabulous alt-pop song. As Say Hi frontman, Eric Elbogen recalls, “‘riffage’ and ‘anthem’ were the two words going through my mind once the tape was rolling”. He’s not wrong; it’s a stone-cold indie-disco floor-filling banger, just about 10 years after they went out of favour with the mainstream. Still, with an album inspired by being visited in a dream by a centaur called David Bowie, Say Hi might just be the band to bring it back into fashion, or at least have those of us too old for dancing dreaming nostalgically of a youth well lived: either way it’s a triumph.


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