Posted: August 23, 2018 in MUSIC
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After hearing EP II back in 2015, it was a pretty unanimous feeling that there was just something extra amazing about the band Yumi Zouma. Their blend of 80s-leaning synth designs, easy breezy vocal treatments from Christie Simpson and cross-continental songwriting technique (Charlie Ryder in London, Josh Burgess in New York, and Christie Simpson & Olivia Campion in Christchurch) stood out among their peers in the dream pop landscape.  After three fantastic full-lengths including a sensational Oasis cover album, Yumi Zouma is ready to continue the EP series.


First single In Camera starts off right where the last one ended over 3 years ago, thick with atmospheric dance pop straight out of a John Hughes film.  Just try and not love this f-ing song.  Once you get your heart back into your chest, smash that ‘buy’ button and get yourself a 10″ slab on blue and white split vinyl.  All preorders will include a hand-numbered autographed print from the band, while supplies last.

Cascine Records webstore pre-orders are pressed on limited edition white vinyl, and will also include an exclusive 10″ print, hand-numbered and signed by Yumi Zouma.

Yumi Zouma returns with EP III, completing the trilogy they started with EPs I and II. This new collection finds the international act stronger than ever, sculpting effortless atmospheres, winsome hooks and stadium-ready finishes. EP III is out digitally on September 28th, and will be released as 10″ vinyl on November 16th.


Yumi Zouma now returns with their anticipated third EP, bookending their era of intimate and restrained short-form releases. The new tracks are just as effortless and engaging as expected, but they also tell the story of a band evolving. Lush, electronic productions buoy key tracks and the vocal deliveries are increasingly sophisticated


being spread across the globe doesn’t seem to hinder Yumi Zouma; if anything, the quartet thrives off of displacement.  our reigning best new artists turned in their much-anticipated ep mere months after receiving the accolade, one that showcases a more intricate understanding of how to intertwine soaring hooks and intimate textures.  “alena” and “catastrophe” are both baleric anthems, indulging in their respective melodies to craft compositions that feel like extroverted extensions of the subdued persona


Please Check out this band, I would love to see them Live.

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