PLTS – ” Maelstrom “

Posted: June 22, 2018 in MUSIC
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PLTS new single 'Malestorm'

Australian band PLTS, (pronounced ‘pilots’) have released a new single ‘Maelstrom’, showcasing their proclivity writing energetic yet soothing garage influenced grunge tunes. The track features warm chord textures, gripping vocal melodies and fuzz-drenched distortion that all culminate in an explosively heart-wrenching chorus.

Fresh off the buzz ‘Maelstrom’ has stirred, the band will be heading on a three-date national tour, where they’ll be performing at intimate venues across Brisbane, Sydney, and their hometown of Byron Bay.

The track revolves around some of the biggest challenges the band have faced as an entity, with a focus on overcoming intimate struggles within their personal lives.

“Writing this track proved the most challenging process we’ve navigated as a group to date, this shines through in a strong theme of melancholy”

“We chose to focus on a water theme, it’s such as significant theme in our personal lives and also is a great representation of the unpredictable nature and challenges in navigating the creation of music and in particular, this track. It’s a high-energy song and we can’t wait to convert that energy in to the live space. Delve beneath the surface and see things from the other side. Let the Maelstrom pull you in” the band explain.

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