SPRING KING – ” Us Vs Them “

Posted: June 3, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Last month they shared the track ‘Animal’, now Spring King have aired another new track from the forthcoming album ‘Us vs Them’.

“I never thought much about the old haunts and memories until now. Reliving moments gone, and seeing how much life has changed. Now I really see the way in which time has passed, and where I stand today is the consequence of everything I once did. I can feel my whole world changing, softly in the morning sun,” says guitarist Pete in relation to the muscular, scuzzed-up, coming-of-age anthem, where reflective lyrics meet skyscraper-sized riffs.

The band have also announced details of their second album, the follow-up to 2016’s ‘Tell Me If You Like To’, along with a September UK tour with September 26th NOTTINGHAM Rescue Rooms.

‘A Better Life’ is arriving on August 17th, with Tarek Musa in the production hot seat.

We are proud to announce we are releasing a new album this year. For everyone who has supported us, come to see us play, and made this journey so exciting and memorable up to now, this is for you.

We hope you can share this far and wide, with everyone you think would love this record. We hope you can join us for the next step in the world of Spring King.

Your boys...Tarek, Pete, James and Andy x

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