ESPERS – ” Another Moon Song “

Posted: May 12, 2018 in MUSIC
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Something has been missing from the last few mini-millennia we’ve all been living through here in the two-thousand-teens, but it is a discreet thing; have you noticed at all? . If you can raise your thousand yard stare from the heart of the campfire embers, you might be roused by the sign that’s been posted on your cabin wall: our old favorite neo-troubadours Espers are manifesting once again!.

Re-birthed into an inextricably changed world after the interminable gap of nearly a decade, Espers mean to bring their kaliedoscopic folk vibe back with a vengeance – while not committing to a world tour , their three shows in the Northeast will doubtless be a potent presentation of their earthy-yet-expansive style! The classic sound of Espers is intact (Greg WeeksMeg BairdBrooke SietinsonsHelena EspvallOtto Hauser) and you know what that means; impeccable live performance of an almost timeless vintage.


  • Espers (2004)
  • The Weed Tree (2005)
  • II (2006)
  • III (2009)

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