POST LOUIS – ” Stress Fracture / Little Jack “

Posted: May 2, 2018 in MUSIC
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London five-piece Post Louis’ new self-produced track “Stress Fracture” is fuzzy lo-fi washed in a neon purple light, and its forceful, jangly groove is perfect for driving fast or stomping down the street. Frontwoman Stephanie Davin’s otherwise confident vocals still allow for tiny cracks of messy emotion; for example, each time she wonders the line “will you come and see me?” her usually rich voice becomes more delicate and airy with every drawn-out repetition.

Compared to their old stuff, there’s a darkness to “Stress Fracture,” a broken, painful energy packed into this new iteration of their classic indie sound. Their art rock influences come through during surges of a scattered sax or a short, dissonant guitar solo.


Davin speaks of the song’s experimental flare:

We wanted Andy’s backing vocal and Alex’s saxophone parts to tumble in out of nowhere, like a car falling off a highway. This song tracks the moment when panic sets in, temperature rises and emergency begins – when something fundamental gives way entirely, whether a bone or a belief.

Listen to “Stress Fracture” below, where you can also hear recent single “Little Jack.”




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