Posted: May 2, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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In the two tracks already previewed from her upcoming second album The Future and The PastNatalie Prass has shown us her frivolous side on the sprightly ‘Short Court Style’ and her emphatic, political side on the anthemic ‘Sisters’. Today she delivers a third single, ‘Lost’, and it’s the most heart-rending and delicate song to be aired yet, and will certainly appeal to fans of her debut album.

Although it is similar to the songs from Natalie Prass, ‘Lost’ shows growth in many ways for Prass. For starters it’s the first of her songs that she’s produced on her own, and you can hear how she’s crafted and commanded her band to swell and resound so phenomenally well with herself at the centre. And Prass, as that central figure, is magnificent; her voice has never sounded so honeyed, as it is in the tripping and contemplative verses, nor has it sounded as rich as it does in the swelling undercurrent of emotion that comes pouring out in the chorus.

Taking a deep breath and releasing my new song “Lost” today. I was afraid to record this one, I fought it hard (and it almost didn’t make it) because it was written during a time that I needed to completely put behind me. But I wrapped my head around a new understanding of it’s lyrics…it’s empowering. It’s about putting your foot down when enough is enough. Most of the time it’s easier said than done. Thanks for listening. Natalie Prass

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