NEIGHBOR LADY – ” Oh Honey / Let It Bleed “

Posted: April 21, 2018 in MUSIC
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Hailing from Atlanta, GA, Neighbor Lady‘s new track “Oh Honey” starts off with a guitar riff that makes me feel like I’m in an old soda pop store in the 1950s. Girls walking around in big poodle skirts, fresh melts being served, and “Oh Honey” is playing in the background on the jukebox. Neighbor Lady is Emily Braden, Jack Blauvelt, Merideth Hanscom, and Andrew McFarland. Their debut LP, Maybe Later, consists of seven songs and drops May 11,

The track moves between two worlds. The first being really chill and simple sounding verses. Inviting you to relax, calm down and really listen to the lyrics. The second world is a more rebellious and in your face chorus, that brings with it powerful and honest lyrics.

The music video for Oh Honey is shot entirely on an iPhone 8 by the band. It seems like it was shot when the band was on tour and just messing around together. There are shots of the band playing in playgrounds, basket ball courts and next to a lake. What stands out is the use of color. From a rainbow umbrella to the band smearing different colored paints on glass,the use of color takes a leading role in this music video.

This video also has cats –wait for it–and dogs! Cats rolling around in leaves, dogs in the bath and being carried. What else could you want! The cats and dogs, images of the band dancing in the street, them chillin’ on the beach and climbing trees, gives the video a “home movie,” kind of feel. Comforting to watch but fun and powerful to listen to.

Their second single offering, Oh Honey, and it’s something of a departure from the almost bleak, emotionally draining brilliance of Let It Bleed. Here there’s more of a classic pop feel to proceedings; the pronounced, percussive piano, intricate country-influenced guitar work and propulsive drum beats could almost lure you into thinking this is actually quite upbeat. Thankfully, like, let’s face it, nearly all the best music, there’s still a touch of the darkness, Emily Braden’s stunningly melodic vocal, sharing a tale of a friendship fallen apart at the hands of a shared romantic interest. A mixture of barbed put downs and genuine regrets, it’s a track that walks from guilt to defiance and back again. Neighbor Lady are only two tracks in, could be a new name to watch.


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