The CAVEMEN – ” Nuke Earth “

Posted: March 30, 2018 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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New Zealand’s The Cavemen are back, ready to drink, fight, fxck and play some goddamn rock and roll! Nuke Earth is their 3rd foot long record and it’s pure, primitive motherfuckin’ Garage Punk like you lust after every night when you’re licking your sexiest leather record jackets, or ‘77 punk steeped in a moldy stack of bootleg Motörhead outtake LPs. The Cavemen have gone batshit crazy, and they’re in full-on attack mode here with 13 tracks of panty dropping chaos guaranteed to land you in jail faster than you can crack one off in a grindhouse showing an “Ilsa” film.Rock’n’roll is here to stay, and it’ll always be for the crazy kids…like it or lump it!T

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