EM BURROWS – ” Invisible Seams “

Posted: March 19, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Em Burrows is one of music’s great collaborators, and loves a bit of irony, too. With 70s vibes from the vocals.

Embracing electronic rhythm elements and samples, WA-based pop singer-songwriter Em Burrows has delivered a compelling debut album. The Perth artist was channelling “obscure” Spanish soul bands from the ‘60s while writing most of the songs on Invisible Seams.

“I started writing bass lines really early in the songwriting process for this record actually because I loved how it gave the songs an identity and a feel straight away. “Then I’d carve out the chord structures from that and layer it with other sounds like synths and what not.” It’s a collection of songs that explore who humans make connections.

“It’s sort of me sifting through my life and working out why I attach meaning to some things and not to others and realising that some things may not have a specific purpose but they’re still part of the larger fabric of how we make meaning from life.  It sounds deep but, really, they’re just pop songs.”

A mistress Jedi of the psychedelic movement, this track is as fine an example of 21st Century psychedelia you’ll find this side of, well, anywhere.


All songs written and arranged by Em Burrows. Chris Young played guitar, Jeremy Segal played bass, Marcus Davidson played drums, Jamie Canny played saxophone and Mark McAndrew played the MS20 on tracks 2 and 7. Em Burrows sang and played keys/synths.

Released March 19th, 2018


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