SAME – ” Is Midnight “

Posted: March 16, 2018 in MUSIC
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Pittsburgh’s Same capture the DIY energy of artists like Jeff Rosenstock but with a bit more of Oso Oso’s melodic songwriting. Their EP Weird As Hell in summer 2016 was rad, and since then I’ve been waiting for some new tunes. Well, . Same are releasing “Is Midnight” as a single with the promise of more new tracks coming your way soon. Here is a bit from the band about the recording process and the single art:

We had the opportunity to record this single during a day off while we were on tour in Boston, MA with Sean Cahalin, who was super professional and easy to work with. When we first got into town we went to Winthrop Beach and walked around, which is where we took the album photo, actually. Using that photo for the single art really ties everything together for us, and we feel like this release perfectly captures the vibe of our experience in Boston on that tour–going to the beach, playing a show with our friends, and recording ‘Is Midnight’”.


Jesse Caggiano – vocals, bass
Howard Gruzinski – drums
Thomas Higgins – guitar
Jake Stern – guitar, vocals, piano



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