Posted: March 13, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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I hope you are having a fab spring! I have manifested in your inbox to let you know that today is the 28th birthday of my 1990 record “EYE”. The picture at the bottom is the promo shot we used at the time and marks the inception of my last mullet haircut phase, which sadly didn’t end until 1993.  “EYE” may not be the easiest listen, but it is my favourite collection of my own songs. The album was recorded in San Francisco during a period of great personal turbulence. I was breaking up with two people at once and the misery shines through all these years later. Rock on universe! To celebrate the album’s Saturn Return, we created a new t shirt that riffs on the original album artwork.

Promotional clip for Robyn Hitchcock’s ‘EYE’ record. Made in early 1990 in London by Tony Moon & Robyn Hitchcock. 
Fast forwarding into the bewildering present, I have a new 7 inch vinyl coming out on Record Store Day this year. The release is a live recording of three tracks from my 2017 show at The Troubadour in Los Angeles with His LA Squires. The A Side is “Insanely Jealous” and the B Side is “I Pray When I’m Drunk” and “If You Were A Priest”. Get to your local record store on April 21st


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