BERRIES – ” Faults “

Posted: March 12, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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London trio Berries boast a distinctive sound and styling that allows them to call on a selection of smooth and punch-packing instrumentals to accompany both their reflective and raw alt-rock moments. They don’t miss a beat and neither does new single ‘Faults‘.

It’s always nice to have a fresh blast of Berries and new serving ‘Faults‘ is certainly well placed to build upon the momentum they’ve collected through last years fantastic Those Funny Things EP and belting previous single ‘Wild Vow‘.

It locks you in within seconds; the opening riff, the bluesy-rock beat and then Holly Carter’s distinctive, smouldering, tongue-in-cheek vocals. They’ve long showcased their knack for an addictive, frenzied chorus but here they add another string to their bow. ‘Faults‘ still offers up more frenzied, pulsating moments, featuring a chorus kick and breakdowns reminiscent of its predecessors whilst also bringing a dose of bluesy edges to proceedings.


It’s big stage ready, radio ready and er…faultless for Berries.


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